My name is and I'm a Vtuber!

Welcome to my Homepage!

I'm been using Vtubing as a great excuse to dive deeper into a lot of my interests like 3DCG, shaders, demoscene, making music...

On stream I've been also playing rhythm games, futuristic racers, and various shooters and action games.

I'm on Twitch various weekdays around @792 .beats / 18:00 UTC!

I have totally sweet plans for this page, but in the meantime check me out on:

Buttons by Vernon Crowe

Sent to the future from the year 2000 by a glitch due to the Millennium Bug, I'm adapting to thrive in the peculiar conditions of the 2020s. Join me in a multimedia extravaganza as we surf the World Wide Web, catch up on two decades of video games and mess around with creative tools new and old!